Take My Goat

Making Your Brain Work Better

Harness the power of neuroplasticity to free yourself from anxiety and negative self-talk, and identify the limiting beliefs holding you back.

Learn how to focus your attention. It’s the most valuable thing you have.


Awareness Coaching

You know there’s something better. You’ve seen other people who have it, or you’ve had glimpses of it yourself. You’re ready to engage in the practice it takes to get there. This isn’t counselling, it’s coaching: if you’re still hiding behind your stories and defenses, it’s not going to work. But if you’re ready to peel back the layers to get to the root of the block(s), then let’s go. Leave your bullshit at the door. You’re here to work.

  • Learn to discriminate between your thoughts and your awareness.
  • Practice techniques to master and hold your perspective.
  • Explore select readings that will push your understanding and inspire deeper practice.
  • One-on-one work.

Neural Rewiring

Much like we can develop our muscles, we can reconfigure our brains through training. Because rewiring is a question of firing neurons in specific patterns, visualization is a significant tool in the process. Learn how repetition reconfigures the brain, explore the tools of mastering attention, and explore parallel principles from Stoic philosophy through building a vision board. Workshops based in neuroscience research.

  • Learn the neural basis of emotion as it connects to your beliefs and actions.
  • Use tools from neuroscience to change the mental loops that aren't helping you.
  • Learn Stoic meditations to guide your thought processes.
  • One-on-one or with a group.


What participants are saying

"I feel like my mind and my intentions are in a totally different state since the workshop. I feel what I want, and am programming and working with my brain to make things happen."

Pam Chandla, Government of British Columbia

"Thank you. Everyone loved it. We literally went over the boards until 11 p.m. Super successful activity."

Becky Murray, Family Business Association Vancouver Island

"I put a dog on my vision board...and the universe delivered!! I didn't even seek him out directly. A friend reached out saying someone she knew had the sweetest foster doggy that needed a forever home. Every morning I walk past my board and I think about how that brought Bruno and I together. That little board has given me clarity and direction through all the curveballs this year has thrown."

Emily Mathison, marketing lead, software company


I’m Alex. Thinker, listener, watcher, warrior. I started working on rewiring my brain some ten years ago, after acknowledging that my behaviour, driven by my thought stream, was taking me down the wrong road.

Don’t get me wrong. I had a pretty good life on the outside, and overall, I was pretty happy most of the time. But there were some deep beliefs that kept me spinning out self-defeating patterns. They were the ones that impacted the people I loved the most, and held me back from all sorts of things.

I had hit enough walls that I was finally ready to admit to myself that I was living out the wrong story. I didn’t want to feel so out of control of my life. I realized no one was coming to make things better. If I wanted to things to be different, it was up to me.

So I worked.

I read. I talked with masterful people. I watched. I wrote. I got serious about creating vision boards to remind me of what was most important, and where I wanted to go. I went to a lot of different counsellors. I experimented with my love relationships. I went deeper with my friendships. I shone the light into every dark corner and looked behind every locked door in my psyche. I wanted to feel better, and I knew that meant getting honest with myself about what was holding me back.

Along the way I absorbed the teachings of writers like Michael Singer, Eckhart Tolle and the Stoic philosophers. Danielle LaPorte. Gabrielle Bernstein.

I learned how to shift my perspective.

Because perspective is everything.

I practiced. And now I have returned to teaching. Not in the K-12 system anymore, but with adults who are ready to discipline their brains into a better way of being.

Do I sometimes lose my perspective? Sure. Rewiring the mind takes constant practice — but that’s the thing about training your brain. It’s just like a muscle. If you want to create new neural pathways, you’ve got to do the reps. The peace and stillness I feel most of the time show me that it’s worth the work. I still feel anger sometimes. I still feel fear. I still hear judgment rise up now and then. And I see all of these as simply another opportunity to practice. This is a lifetime of work, not a one-time thing you “get”. But it’s joyful work, and it’s freeing work.

The next 30, 40, 50 years are going to happen to you anyway. Why not use those years to practice feeling better?


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