Take My Goat

Breaking You Past Fear

What’s getting in the way of your full enjoyment of life? Is it worry?

Life can be an amazing ride if you figure out how to disentangle yourself from fear and worry. Depression, anger, jealousy, envy, judgment, anxiety — these fear-based emotions tend to run our lives.

There is a way out.

This way

Mindset Mapping

Take charge of your life’s direction. Focus your career. Get closer to your purpose. Discover the relationship between the words you speak, the thoughts you choose and the things that show up. Learn how to master your attention and bring more of the things you want into your life. Workshops based in neuroscience research.

  • Get clarity on your trajectory.
  • Draw forward powerful images and phrases.
  • Determine your action items.
  • Create positive change for yourself.
  • One-on-one or with a group.

Guided Personal Growth

Ready to move forward? Let’s get you unstuck. We’ll accelerate you past your fears, uncover your capabilities, and establish harmony in your relationships. All of your relationships. You can do this. All you need is a willingness to strengthen your mindset.

  • Learn how to focus your attention.
  • Practice powerful techniques to master your perspective.
  • Open doors that were previously closed to you. (Any doors you like.)
  • Uncover your agency and learn how to take the wheel.
  • One-on-one mindfulness coaching.
  • Programs based in neuroscience research and using select readings.


What participants are saying

“I feel like my mind and my intentions are in a totally different state since the workshop. I feel what I want, and am programming and working with my brain to make things happen.”

Mindset Mapping participant


I’m Alex. Thinker, listener, watcher, warrior. I have real conversations with people. They reveal stuff. I hold space for your stuff, and show you some tools to feel stronger and more in flow. If you’re really committed, we’ll spring you entirely free, and life will never be the same.

Two degrees, two children, two decades of not knowing what I wanted or what I am capable of. Let’s throw in raging anxiety, a child on his deathbed, foreclosure, divorce, bankruptcy, and one exquisitely toxic family relationship. You know the game. Human stuff.

Fifteen years of solid inner work to rise from the ashes and free myself into a new life.

Let’s free you, too.


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